Which Eyeshadow Matches Your Eye Color

There are a couple of guidelines that might help in creating great effects. To emphasize your eye color, try using complementary eyeshadow shades. Make tricks with your makeup, by creating the most unique color combinations you would have never tried before.

Green Eyes

If you have wonderful green eyes, you can opt for plum, apricot or lime green. These colors make your eyes look even greener, and they are great for any summer makeup.

Blue Eyes

Those who have blue eyes are always envied. This time because any eyeshadow color matches to blue eyes. Best to emphasize them are the fallowing: purple, deep brown, pink or even red. Mostly warm colors or try the darker shades, because they will contrast your eyes and make them look more blue.

Brown Eyes

Brown eyes are absolutely glamorous. They match perfectly with golden shades, copper, soft pink or light purple even lime green. The main idea would be to use neutral and light shades, to lighten up the look.

summer makeup for oily skin

For All Eye Colors

Of course, the smoky eyes makeup can be created in any color or shade, so don’t get disappointed if your eyes match other shades than the smoky eyes you’ve seen on models. And don’t forget that black goes with any eye color. It will darken the look, but if you mix it well with any other color, and a nice lip color, than it will make the perfect makeup for any occasion. But don’t forget that black makeup will make your eyes look smaller, while the lighter ones make them stand out.

Navy blue is another nice color that match almost all the eye colors, just as silver that provide an edgy look.

Don’t be afraid to try new things out and to leave your imagination free when it comes to mixing the colors. Feel free to experiment and try different eyeshadow colors to make sure you’ve got the one that matches your personality to. For summer makeup you can use bright colors for the most fresh looks in makeup. And for the final touch, finish it with plenty of mascara!

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