War Time Lipstick Tussy

While pondering about Beauty Industry, War scenarios and Cosmetics I searched the WWW and found a very interesting advertisment dated 1940.

As it promotes lipstick I wondered, what wording they have used in those days facing war, food shortage, death of loved ones, missing ones that may never return again and all the sad stories we are able to read about today. That time they were “there” in the middle of the happenings and did business with Beauty – what a contradiction and yet simply human? Do we miss beauty more in these times and do we invest in it more when on the vedge of colaps?

Lipstick – the most profane and yet most sought after. No make-up is finished without a touch of lipstick – depending on the occasion more than just a touch.

The “Fighting red” Lipstick Add 1940 by Tussy

New Fighting Red is one of a dozen Tussy lipstick shades, all smart as brass buttons, all indelible as you could wish. Very creamy-textured, Tussy Lipstick gives your lips smooth lustrous color. Lipstick, $1.–. To match: Cream Rouge, $1.–, Compact Rouge, .$-.75, Nail Polish, $ -.50. Tax exept.

War Time Lipstick

A rilliant clear red! Perfect make-up partner for your spring costume colors of navy, aqua, air-force blue, rose, and beige. Adds dash to your defense uniforms. This spring wear Tussy Fighting Red and be brave – for him!

All natural Lipstick 2008 Advertisment

No Led, no artificial colors and no petrochemicals are used/added in our lip care program.

You need the protection only a lip balm can provide. But you also want the color of a lipstick. Why compromise? Our lipstick combines lip-quenching botanicals with natural ingredients to give you all the benefits of both! PARABEN-FREE!! No mineral oil, no FD&C colors. Only natural beneficial ingredients like coconut oil which penetrates and moisturizes lips, shea butter which protects your lips, sesame seed oil to heal and soften, vitamin E as an anti-oxidant, and pure botanical extractswhich act as a 100% natural preservative.

All Natural Lipstick 2008

The wording is more gentle, the meaning placed on health and beauty rather than impressing “him” – times have changed and so have we.

1940 For ever young and beautyful even during war times or maybe because of war times – the young young look counts more than $.

2008 “for ever young, beautyful and healthy” since too many of the daily used products carry carcinogenig and hazardous ingredients. This includes Lipstics as well – it is not clear, what Tussy’s ingredients were like but for sure, that time people had much more pressing problems.

Having said so, for ever young is simply “wishful thinking” or shall I say “the carrot in front of the donkey’s eyes?

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