Tips To Apply Eye Shadow

Are you looking for some advice on applying eye shadow? Then you are in the right place.

The following are a few tips on how to apply eye shadow.

The makeup that is used for providing colour to the eye lids of a person is known as the eye shadow.

Eye shadow normally comes in complementary shades of three colours. The shades of eye shadow can be used depending on the requirement of the dramatic effect of the user.

Eye shadow is generally available as:

1. powders which come in compact cases or
2. creams in the form of sticks or pencils or
3. paints in the form of tube that will have a creamy effect when applied but gives a powdery effect once it dries

A person can also opt for two types of finish while choosing an eye shadow. They are the matt finish and the frost finish.

The lightest of the shades in the chosen eye shadow should be used first. This should be applied on to the upper part of the eyes, lining along the bone of the eye brow.

Next, the medium shade of the colour should be applied to the eye lids. One can apply this by beginning with inner corner of the lids and gently stroking the colour to outer edges. After that, use the finger for blending the colours of the eye shadow near crease

Finally, use darkest shade for adding depth and contouring to the eye lids. Using this will help to have the look of a smokey eye. This also should be applied by starting with inner corner and finishing off at outer edge of the eyes. The dark shade can be applied to the edge of the eyes in a slightly higher amount.

Once again, the colours must be blended and lines must be softened using the tips of the finger.

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