The Effects of the Red Lipstick


A bright shade of lipstick is actually a major no-no for most women as it is often thought of as clownish to wear luminous red lipstick. This however is not entirely true. Ask any makeup artist or someone who knows a lot about makeup and they will tell you that a red shade of lipstick, especially bright requires correct application and matching. If you apply a radiant red lipstick properly, then you can actually make your lips look sexy and full. Red lipstick can indeed make women’s lips more attractive and appealing to the senses.

A red lipstick is especially appealing to the opposite sex, that’s right; men love women with full and red lips. This is a psychology that is rooted within the very minds of men from the time human beings became human beings. The reason lies in the fact that in the early days, a plump woman with wide hips and a rosy lip was considered to be the most attractive because of two reasons. One is the fact that a plump woman with large breasts and wide hips meant that she could carry and later, breast-feed the baby better, and two, rosy lips signified good blood circulation and therefore health.

The key to applying the red lipstick onto your lips without making them look too loud is to be aware of your skin color and the size of your lips. You see, the lighter shade your skin is of, the bigger your lips will look when you apply bright red lipstick on them. Therefore the first thing to do is to determine the exact tone of your skin, if you are pale with pinkish glow, then use the plum red color, if you are darker with yellow tint, then apply a mixture between brown and red lipstick.
A very vibrant shade of red lipstick is safe to wear if you have thin lips, but if you have big lips then you need not make it look larger than it already is, thus comes the need of a brown-red or blue-red mixture in the lipstick to be applied. Match the size of your lips to make red lipstick look fabulous on you.

Apply a light layer of foundation on your lips before actually applying the lipstick and also apply some face powder on it, in this way, you will not have to worry at all about the lipstick melting and also, the undercoating will make your lips appear more smooth. To further ensure that your lipstick does not melt away, use a lip liner carefully to trace the outline.

To apply the lipstick however, use a makeup lip brush, start from the middle and move towards the corners cautiously. After you have successfully and artistically filled the outline with your chosen shade of red lipstick, just kiss a handkerchief or a tissue to take off the excess, which will leave the perfect amount on your lips. Application of eye shadow is also a good idea when you are wearing the seductive, appealing and vibrant color of red on your lips.

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