The Different Kinds of Makeup Brush Hair


If makeup and cosmetics is a part of your everyday routine, it is actually a wise idea to invest in good makeup brushes that do the job right. There are a lot of makeup brushes out there in the market, including synthetic and organic makeup brushes, so how exactly do you choose which one you should buy?

One of the things you should consider when buying a makeup brush is with what type of cosmetics you will be using it. Synthetic makeup brushes work great with cosmetics that are basically wet, like foundation, creams, and lipsticks. Organic cosmetic brushes tend to absorb the oils and water in such cosmetics and don’t fare as well compared to synthetic ones. On the other hand, organic brushes are great for applying powdery cosmetics like blush, powder, and eyeshadow.

Since we’ve already mentioned synthetic and organic brushes, here is a bit more information about the two. Synthetic brushes are usually made from nylon, and as such are better when it comes to the application of wet cosmetics. Organic brushes hold more powder and allow for the more even application of powder cosmetics. Most manufacturers of organic cosmetic brushes get natural hair in a cruel-free way, so that the brushes are made but the animals are still alive. Cool, huh?

Below is a closer look at the different types of makeup brush hair and with what type of cosmetics they work best with:

Organic Brushes

  • Goat Hair

Goat hair is the most common type of hair used in organic brushes. Although it is a bit coarse compared to other types of brushes, this holds the most powder and applies the most powder on your face. The product gets applied on your face, and doesn’t stay on the brush. Organic brushes made out of goat hair work best with face powder, blush, and bronzer and ensure an easy and even application.

  • Sable Hair

Organic makeup brushes made out of sable hair is soft, durable, and long lasting. This type of brush has a wide middle and a tip that is pointed, making it an ideal brush for eyeliners and eyeshadows. And as mentioned before, since it is organic, the powder doesn’t stay on the brush but gets transferred on your skin.

  • Squirrel Hair

Organic brushes that are made from squirrel hair are not from the typical squirrel we’re used to. It is actually from the long haired kind, and of course no animals get hurt when the hairs are obtained. Similar to brushes made from sable hair, the brushes are wide in the middle and have a pointed tip, which makes them ideal as blending brushes and for use on eye creases.

  • Badger Hair

Badger hair has the coarsest texture among natural brushes but is a great brow and fan brush because of its thin roots and thick tips.

  • Pony Hair

Brushes made from pony hair have a consistent thickness from root to tip. These brushes are great for powder, shadow, and blush. Pony hair is also very strong and durable.

Synthetic Brushes

Synthetic brushes are commonly made from nylon and as mentioned before, are great for applying cream and other wet cosmetics. They are also very inexpensive, but tend to be stiff as they are often used and as they age. Synthetic brushes also do not last as long as natural brushes do. Please visit for more information.

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