How to Make Sure your Lipstick Stays Put

Not too long ago, lipsticks had to be touched up every few minutes, after being smeared all over the place. After a few hours, you’d find your lipstick on your glass, the spoon, your guy’s cheeks, his collar, the napkin and everywhere but your lips. Thankfully, lipsticks these days last longer than their predecessors. Even then, you would still need to touch up your lips every now and then, especially if you are eating oily food or sitting through a multi-course dinner.

How can you make sure your lipstick lasts as long as possible?

The tried and tested method is to apply foundation on your lips as well. When you apply loose powder over your face, pat it onto your lips as well. Then outline your lips with a lip pencil and fill in the color with your lipstick, using a lip brush.

Blot off the excess lipstick with a tissue paper. Then dust on some colorless face powder over your lips. Using your lip brush, paint on the lipstick again. Blot the excess. If you want more shine, you can apply a layer of lip gloss over your lips.

This should help the lipstick last through a multi-course dinner.

There are new lip color formulas that are meant to last all day long. A good example is the Max Factor Lipfinity Evelites lipstick which contains PermaTone, a semi-permanent color. First you apply a colored base coat, then you seal in the color with the top coat which moisturizes your lips and gives your lips the expected shine. It is similar to cover girl outlast lipcolors and a number of long lasting lip color formulas which you can find among these lipsticks.

Another way to get lipstick that stays put on your lips all day long and possibly through the night is not to use lipstick. Yes, you heard right. Instead of a lipstick, you outline your lips and fill the color in with a lip pencil. Blot with a tissue paper. Then go over your lips with a lip gloss and you’re done.

Now for this second method, you could go for

  • A colorless lipgloss and a lip pencil in the color of your choice
  • Lipgloss and lip pencil in the same color to enhance the color.
  • A lighter lip gloss and a darker lip pencil for a multi-dimensional effect.

Experiment with the combinations to find the color you like best.

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