How to Apply Eye Shadow – Everything You Need to Know

Everyone probably knows the saying about the eyes being the window to one’s soul. And what better way to flutter one’s best eyes forward than a proper application of eye shadow. Learning how to apply eye shadow the right way is the first step in flaunting one’s natural beauty.

To start with, a full eye makeup should be complemented by well shaped eyebrows. Ensure that your eyebrows have been tweaked and trimmed to do away with uneven extra hair that may distort the overall facial appearance. Once the eyebrows are in place, assess the actual shape of your eyes. A good eyeshadow application should enhance the positive points and minimize the defects. Painting the eyes into the intended dramatic effect is sometimes just what you’ll need for a complete facial makeup.

Eye shadows on your eyes should never be too obvious. A good one can be judged by having beautiful eyes without seeing the makeup on it. That is because eye shadows should be used to create the illusion of depths and shades that will bring out the good angles of your eyes without the look of being outrightly painted on. Needless to say, light colored eye shadows are preferred during daytime and smoky eyes are best to party with at night.

From your lash line up to your brow, cover the entire eyelid with a light eye shadow as base. A typical eye make up consists of this base and a medium, slightly darker shade on the lower eye lid. The color may depend on your preference but it will be safe not to go far from your present outfit. A dark rose or a light blue over a cream, pinkish base can be safely neutral, and you can adjust according to the outfit. But then again, this matching of the eye make up with the clothing should not be overdone. A discreet harmony of colors is essential, and a good makeup should not even bring out the colors but the features. Do not forget to blend. The eye color should not be seen as darker color on top of the light one. Use your finger tips or a brush to carefully spread over one eye shadow over the other, making them almost a natural part of the skin. Do not neglect as well the temple part of the head, or the area where the eye shadow ends. This part should also be well blended, with the colors diffusing unto the skin foundation.

Draw a line over the entire upper portion of the lash line using a pencil eyeliner or a liquid one. The thickness of the line depends on the shape of your eyes, a thicker one makes a small, squinty eye look more rounded and a thin one is advisable to those with bigger eyes. Finish off with a mascara to add volume and length into your lashes.

Invite everyone into the beauty of your individuality and mesmerize them with your gaze. Even you will be amazed at how your confidence and personality improves by simply learning how to apply eye shadow the perfect way.

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