How to Apply Blush Make Up


Apply blush to your face to resemble the natural glow of your cheeks and watch the compliments flow in. A hint of makeup blush…and you can look fresher and prettier. The trick lies in choosing the right blush color and learning how to apply blush correctly. But often blush remains the most misused makeup cosmetic. When it comes to applying your blush, less is best. Learn simple tips and tricks to get the blush just right!

Apply Blush Make up

Using small strokes, softly sweep the blusher brush up the cheekbone towards the hairline. Use a good blush brush.

For an especially realistic look apply a bit of blusher across the top of the forehead, the chin and the bridge of your nose.

Apply blush by brushing the cheek color lightly over the apple of the cheek using short, up-and-down vertical strokes moving toward the top of your ear in a teardrop shape with the thinner part at the top and the wider part pointing toward your nose.

Blend into your foundation and at the hairline, with one soft horizontal motion on the top of the vertical strokes, without brushing any color onto the hair.

There are many different kinds of blush (sometimes known as rouge, but you love the word blush because the way you apply the color is to give the impression that you are blushing, that you have a flush of color).

Blush comes in powder, liquid or cream. I prefer a water based cream blush for the first application in the morning, and the powder blush for re-touching during the day, because the cream blush goes on smoothly, is absorbed nicely into your skin, and will last for some time, and you can put powder blush over it anytime during the day.

If you start out your day with powder blush, you cannot retouch with the cream because it will cake and/or blotch on your face. Always start by using a little blusher and gradually build color to get the desired effect. Remember, it is always easier to add more to get the vibrant look. Also, if you apply powder blush on skin that has only foundation on it, it may splotch-the moisture in your skin will grabm it in different places and it will be so spotty, chances are you’ll have to start allover again.

Make sure your area is well lit for doing makeup. Consider getting a lighted makeup mirror. Prepare for your makeup by washing your face, brushing your teeth, and putting on any foundations, coverups, and bronzers you may use.

Swipe your brush over your cheek about three times, making strokes back and forth or round and round. Put a big smile on your face so your cheeks perk up (these are the apples of your cheeks) and you may even see some dimples. Place the brush over your cheeks and make strokes with the brush from your cheeks (towards your nose) to the side of your face (towards your ears). Move the brush in a circular fashion as well before going to do the other side of your face.

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