Hot Spring Trends


Do you need a few suggestions of things to buy this Spring to update your wardrobe?  Here are some of the new fashion trends for Spring 2017.  These trends can be bought in less expensive and more expensive versions depending on your budget.  The new trends for Spring 2017 are versatile  and fun.


Want to show a little skin but haven’t been to the gym lately?  The new trend is the Shoulder showing shirt.  The shoulders are cut out to show skin in just the right amount without making you feel naked.


The Medi Skirt has been revived from the 1964’s.  Youcan wear them with pleats or with out. Pleats are also in this spring.

The Tulle Skirt has been going for a few seasons but is still worth investing in. The hot color this season is rose gold. They are very feminine.


Floral Jeans Jeans are being updated with floral embroidery.  How cute is that?  Don’t want to go out and buy anew pair of jeans? Do it yourself and purchase an iron on version.

Ankle crops are hot this spring and paired with a stripped shirt are a great look.

Jogger pants are a tapered leg pants that feature elastic at the feet and are designed to fall just above the ankle.  They are so comfortable!


Floral Mules  These beautiful slid on shoes are very comfortable but give that little understated fashion statement.

Block Heels We love that retro style.  They are one of the easiest styles to wear.  These come in sandals, booties, and pumps.


Tassel earrings are drop earrings that have a tassel. They can have crystals and other embellishments. These are one of our favorites!

Chokers are simple, versatile, and transform an outfit.  They draw attention to your neck and can be very sexy.

Open weave cuff bracelets These bracelets can be made of metal,  gold, or silver. These are easy to purchase and they look great!

In closing, we hope that these suggestions will help you update and expand your wardrobe. See you soon and God Bless you.






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