History Of Lipsticks


Have you ever thought how the lipsticks came into use? Or have your ever tried to find out the inventors? Let us see the history of lipstick.

The history of lipstick starts in 1930s when the semi-precious jewels were being crushed for applying it to the lips as well as on the areas around eyes. But there are evidences which show that lipsticks were used by women of the ancient civilisations like Indus Valley.

The women of Ancient Egypt use to extract a dye of purplish red colour from focus-algin, bromine mannite as well as iodine, which has caused severe illness. Again if you see the evidence, Cleopatra had used lipsticks which were made by crushing carmine beetles. This gave red coloured pigments which were applied by making ants as the base.

The initial shimmering lipsticks contained pearlescence, which is normally found on the scales of fishes.

In the Islamic Golden Age, Abu al-Quasim al-Zahrawi, who was a famous cosmetologist invented the solid lipsticks. These were the rollable perfumed stock which were presented in special moulds. He has described them in the Al-Tasrif.

The popularity of lipsticks in England began somewhere around 16th century when Queen Elizabeth I who was reigning England made the fashion statement by applying bright red lipsticks on white faces. These lipstcicks were a blend of red stains from certain plants as well as the beeswax.

The movie industry started popularising the use of lipstciks around the Second Wolrd War.

Lipsticks are commonly used by women. The women start using the lipsticks only after they reach adulthood or adoloscence.

The lipsticks are not normally used by men. Only in theatres men prefer using lipsticks. The lipsticks used by males is known by the name of manstick.

The wax-free form of lip colour which is like a semi-permanent liquid was invented by Lip-Ink International in 1990s.

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