Back to School Morning Routine By Mary


 8/17/16- Back to School Morning Routine By Mary

  1. I am so excited to start our very first blog and share it with you.  My sisters and I are grown and out of school; but I do know a lot of moms and dads stressing out about going back to school with their own children. Back to school is a very crazy time: going to open houses, getting all the right school supplies-paper, notebooks, calculators, etc., and our personal favorite making a great impression.

Karen “Having 3 girls with different styles was always tough.  Their styles were always changing and it was always hard to keep up with what each girl was into every year.”  One thing we could agree on: was that each one wanted to look their best- especially on the first day of school.  I wanted to share some products that I think will help you make the most out of your first day of school!

  1. Contacts are the way to go

I got glasses in the 5th grade, and I always felt self conscious.  It wasn’t until I got older that I actually liked wearing my glasses sometimes.  But I was definitely super excited about getting my first pair of contacts.  I’ve tried a couple different brands of contacts/contact solution over the years. This kind of contacts is new on the market- Acuvue Vita.  Most contacts, need to be thrown away every 2 weeks.  Acuvue Vita’s actually last up to 4 weeks!  These are my favorite so far, I’ve never had a pair of contacts that feel so comfortable- even at week 4.  Check them out:

2. Face wash

One of my favorite products is Clean and Clear’s Morning Burst Facial Cleaner and Facial Scrub.  I use the cleaner every day and the scrub 2x/week.  I always feel energized and clean after using the product.  The morning beads and cleaner definitely wake you up.  It’s also a great product because it is Oil-Free, and it doesn’t cause more breakouts.  Check it out:

3. Foundation

Finding the right foundation is tough.  Everyone is different and finding the perfect foundation is tough.  I’ve tried many foundations that I couldn’t match my skin with or that broke my face out. I prefer liquid foundation. It’s okay to try different brands; otherwise you will never know which ones are going to work best for you and if there’s a better brand out there. I’m going to share one drugstore product and one high end product.

-Best drugstore Foundation:

Revlon’s Photoready Airbrush Effect Makeup.  They have twelve different shades to help match your skin.  I’m not sure about all places, but I know if you get the wrong shade: Walmart will exchange the product for you.  It has to medium to full coverage and I love the fact that it has a pump!  Best if you apply moisturizer before.  I will definitely try other brands but so far this is my favorite product.  Check it out:||0

-Best high end Foundation: My Holy Grail

Laura Mercier’s silk crème moisturizing photo edition foundation: I am in love with this product!!  This is my Holy grail product.  I always feel flawless wearing it.  It’s long lasting and it makes my skin look radiant.  It’s $48(I think before tax) at Sephora, but if you buy a $50 gift card, Sephora does a whole makeover for FREE.  It is by appointment only, so call ahead before showing up to Sephora.  It’s more expensive, but definitely worth the money! Check it out: grid:p394937

We would love to hear your comments! Hope these tips are helpful. As you know we just started the blog.  So keep checking back for updates!

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